Wing Foil School in Lanzarote

VolcanoKite is the first wing foiling school in Lanzarote. We have been teaching kite surfing and surfing for more than a 15 years in Lanzarote. Volcanokite can be proud of its Team of instructors being the most dedicated and passionate water-men on the island. They started hydro foiling with the kites and on then wave surf foiling. So it was natural with the invention of the Wings that they started to wing foiling as well.

Now they are the most avid wing foilers, practicing wing foiling all around the island. Volcanokites´instructors have a very good understanding of all the different wing foil spots in lanzarote. So they will be choosing the most suitable wing foil spot in the island depending on your wing foiling level.

The equipment used for the wing foiling lessons is the best equipment to learn how to wing foil. Since they have been pioneers in the sport of wing foiling the wing foiling center has all types of different equipment suitable for the different disciplines and different wing foiler levels. Obviously for beginners we have the easiest and most stable equipment available.

The super big boards will add stability for your first steps. Then we can take some of those liters out of your board as you progress.

The use of very user friendly wings will also make things easier. Easy to handle, responsive and predictable. The wings will be more or less powerful depending on the wind conditions, your weight and your wing foiling level.

Same with the hydro foils. We use big and stable foils for your first flights.

Lanzarote wing foil conditions

Lanzarote has many windy days in a year, so if you are looking for a place to go wing foiling this will be a good place. Close to Europe, good, clean and healthy environment. Come and see for yourself.

Lanzarote also has different level spots for the journey of wing foil learning. From flat water lagoon, which is super safe and friendly to learn, to the biggest wave surfing spots for the most seasoned pros.

VolcanoKite offers different water sports lessons and courses:

  • Kite surfing
  • Wing Foiling
  • Hydro foiling: surf, kite, wing
  • Surfing


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